Liam Collins - Farrier

As we all know "no hoof, no horse" so quality shoeing for all our horses is vital. We are lucky enough to have had Liam as our farrier since moving to Bristol 5 years ago and work closely with him to ensure each horse has the best quality hoof and shoe possible.

Liam specialises in performance horses and remedial farriery. He went on to win best shod horse at Badminton horse trials in 2018. When he's not shoeing for clients he is usually competing in national and international farriery competitions with too many successes to count. 

Victoria Hammond - Dentist

Victoria is a BEVA/BVDA Qualified Equine Dental Technician, and also a BAEDT member. She is incredibly passionate about her work and treats our horses as if they were her own. All of our horses, at whatever age and in any role they play, are seen by Victoria to ensure they are free of dental discomfort. When she's not treating horses she's riding her own nobel steed, Huey.

Holly Kerr - Physiotherapist

We are very lucky to have Holly as our physiotherapist, as well as our sponsor. She completed her Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Hartpury and is ACPAT and RAMP registered. We have all our horses regularly treated to keep them comfortable and supple; Holly can also pick up on any tightness that might suggest an injury or change in the horses way of going. When she's not treating horses, dogs or humans she's off competing her horse Cody.